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Jan van Reek

+ + +  Las Palmas and Madrid tournaments are being analysed !! + + +

This site has three purposes:

A. Free downloads of large annotated chess databases

     Super tournaments

     Chess matches

     Dutch chess champions

     All US Championships 

     German chess congresses

     All Hastings tournaments

     All British Championships

     All Chess Olympiads 

     Leopold Trebitsch Memorial 1907-38

     Lone Pine Open 1971-1981

     Staunton Chess Events and London Chess Classics 


Reggio Emilia and Venice

Four gambit tournaments

150 classical endings

History of correspondence chess

Correspondence chess tournaments

Women beat men

IBM Amsterdam 1961-81

Cloister tournaments

Gambits by Estrin

Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires

Euwe's comeback

Biel Schachfestival

B. Presentation of Lessons in endgame strategy by Jan van Reek

C. Reports about the Chess Events Maastricht Foundation:

     Computer Chess Matches 

     Correspondence Gambit and Nimzowitsch matches 



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