Free game files be downloaded on this page. Information about single or combined tournaments can be found on linked internet pages. 

At least one participant in a super tournament belongs to the top ten. Criteria for the selection of an event are 1) playing strength of the participants, and 2) historical interest. New annotations were written by Jan van Reek. The quality might surprise, because analysis used to be the domain of over-the-board grandmasters. Nowadays, a computer can calculate variations at the same level. Scientific ability has become more important. 


Zip-file of 215 super tournaments (1.6Mb)


A spectacular historical super tournament was Baden-Baden 1870 (won by Anderssen). New annotations have 16 of the 80 games. Baden-Baden 2013 (won by Anand) has been added.

pgn-file of Baden-Baden 1870 and 2013       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Baden-Baden 1870 and 2013


Tournaments were organised during the world exhibitions London 1851, London 1862, Paris 1867, Wien 1873, Philadelphia 1876, Paris 1878 and Paris 1900. New annotations have the 32 selected games.

pgn-file of seven tournaments       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about seven tournaments


Russian chess championships happen from the Czarist until modern times.

pgn of Russian chess championships     zip Russian chess championships

Information about Russian chess championships


Important super tournaments were Wien 1882 and Wien 1898. Steinitz  won in 1873, shared the first prize in 1882 and became fourth in 1898. 

pgn-file (69 selected games)      zip of CBase-files

Information about Wien 1882 and 1898


Zukertort, Steinitz, Blackburne and Chigorin competed in London 1883 (Zukertort won). Lasker won London 1899 and Capablanca London 1922.

pgn-file of London 1883, 1899 and 1922 (58 games)       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about London 1883, 1899 and 1922 


N�rnberg 1896 coincided with a regional fair (Lasker won the tournament). New comments got 22 selected games.  

pgn-file of N�rnberg 1896 (22 games)       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about N�rnberg 1896


The first candidates' tournament was New York 1889 (Chigorin and Weiss won). New York 1924 was won by Lasker before Capablanca. 

pgn-file of New York 1889 (46 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

pgn-file of New York 1924 (39 games)       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about New York 1889 and 1924


Gentlemen played on the seaside in Hastings 1895, Monte Carlo 1901-4, Scheveningen 1905, Oostende 1905-7 and San Sebastian 1911-12. New annotations got 191 selected games.

pgn-file of eleven tournaments       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about the tournaments


A classic tournament was Cambridge Springs 1904 (Marshall won). Twenty games are selected.

pgn-file of Cambr. Springs 1904 (20 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Cambridge Springs 1904


Landmarks in the history of chess were St.Petersburg 1909 and 1914

pgn-file of St. Petersburg 1909 (20 games)     zip-file of CBase-files

pgn-file of St. Petersburg 1914 (25 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

Information about St. Petersburg 1909 and 1914


Berlin 1897 was won by Charousek before Walbrodt. 


Gro�meister-Turnier 1918 was won by Lasker. 


Berliner Tageblatt 1928 was won by Capablanca before Nimzowitsch. 

pgn-file of Berlin 1897, 1918 and 1928    zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Berlin 1897, 1918 and 1928


Karlsbad 1911 & 1923, Semmering 1926, Bad Kissingen 1928, Bad Sliac 1932 and Semmering/Baden 1937 were played in health resorts. 


pgn-file of Bad events       zip-file of CBase-files of Bad events


Information about Bad events


Aaron Nimzowitsch triumphed in Copenhagen 1923, Marienbad 1925, Dresden 1926, Hannover 1926 and Karlsbad 1929

pgn-file of the tournaments     zip-file of CBase

Information about the tournaments


M�risch-Ostrau 1923 was a victorious tournament for Lasker. 


pgn-file of M�hrisch-Ostrau 1923 (16 games)    zip-file of CBase-files


Information about M�hrisch-Ostrau 1923


Early Soviet tournaments: Moscow 1920, Petrograd 1923, Moscow 1924, Leningrad 1925, Moscow 1925 and 1927, Odessa 1929, Leningrad 1931, 1933 and 1934, Moscow 1935-36, Tbilisi 1937, Leningrad 1939, Moscow 1940, 1944 and 1945, Leningrad 1947, Moscow 1948 - 1952 and Kiev 1954 are presented. Special attention goes to Bohatirchuk, Levenfish, Botvinnik, Keres and Tolush. 

pgn-file of tournaments (578 games)     zip-file of CBase

Information about early Soviet tournaments


One-sided super tournaments were Baden-Baden 1925, San Remo 1930 and Bled 1931 because Alekhine showed superiority. Moscow 1956 was a Alekhine Memorial. Tal and Fischer competed in Bled 1961

pgn-file of five tournaments (105 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

Information about five tournaments


Many strong players participated in Nottingham 1936 (Capablanca and Botvinnik won). 

pgn-file of Nottingham 1936 (30 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Nottingham 1936


The eight strongest players participated in AVRO 1938 (Keres won). 

pgn-file of AVRO 1938 (56 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

Information about AVRO 1938


The most important Nazi tournament was Salzburg 1942 (won by Alekhine). All 30 games have been annotated.

pgn-file of Salzburg 1942          zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Salzburg 1942


  FIDE interzonal and candidates tournaments

pgn-file    zip-file FIDE interzonal and candidates tournaments

Information about interzonal and candidates tournaments


A candidates' tournament was Neuhausen / Z�rich 1953 (won by Smyslov). Selected games have been annotated. Tal and Fischer raced for the first place in Z�rich 1959. Mischa won. 

pgn-file of Z�rich 1953 and 1959         CBase-file of two tournaments

Information about Z�rich 1953 and 1959


Thirteen Spassky tournaments: Bucharest 1953, Moscow 1955, Leningrad 1956, Moscow 1957, Riga 1958, Tbilisi 1959, Leningrad 1960, Moscow 1961, Baku 1961, Moscow 1964, Teams Moscow 1966 and Moscow 1973. New comments have been added to many games. 

zip-file of CB-files of Spassky events

Information about the Spassky tournaments


The best of the West played double rounds in Dallas 1957

pgn-file of Dallas 1957     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Dallas 1957


The Capablanca Memorial was founded by Ch� Guevara in 1962. 

pgn-file of Capablanca Memorial      zip of CB-files

Information about Capablanca Memorial


Kortschnoj wins in Kiev 1964

pgn-file of tournament     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about the Kortschnoj tournament


Planinc plays in the Vidmar Memorial 1969, 1973, 1975 and 1977

pgn-file of Memorial   pgn of Planinc

Information about Planinc


The Piatigorsky Cup was at stake in Los Angeles 1963 and Santa Monica 1966. 

pgn-file of two tournaments     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about the Piatigorsky Cup


Later Soviet championships

pgn-file of tournaments

Soviet chess championships 1965-91


All super tournaments in Tilburg 1977-94 and 1996-98 (297 games):

pgn-file of Tilburg       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Tilburg tournaments


Six important tournaments, won by Euwe, Donner, Timman, Piket and Timmerman, are presented as Dutch Glory

pgn-file of Dutch Glory (87 games)     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about the tournaments


Five super tournaments were played in Bugojno from 1978 until 1986

pgn-file of the events (71 games)      zip-file of CBase-files

Information about the Bugojno tournaments


A Canadian super tournament was Montreal 1979. Karpov and Tal won. Their 34 games have been included.

pgn-file of Montreal 1979     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Montreal 1979


The USSR championship, Moscow 1988 with Kasparov and Karpov (111 of 153 games have been annotated):

pgn-file of Moscow 1988         zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Moscow 1988


The World Cup Skelleftea 1989 with Kasparov and Karpov (29 games):

pgn-file of Skelleftea 1989         zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Skelleftea 1989


One Euwe Jubilee and ten Euwe Memorials: 

pgn-file of eleven tournaments     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about VSB tournaments


Dortmund 1928, 1973, 1992 - 2014

pgn-file of Dortmund tournaments       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Dortmund tournaments

International chess tournaments were played in Barcelona (1929, 1946 and 1989)
pgn-file of tournaments in Barcelona   
Information about tournaments in Barcelona

International chess tournaments were played in Madrid from 1943 until 1998
pgn-file of tournaments in Madrid   
Information about tournaments in Madrid

Annual master tournaments were played in the Costa del Sol from 1961 until 1981
pgn-file of tournaments in the Costa del Sol
Information about the Costa del Sol

Annual tournaments were played in Palma de Mallorca from 1965 until 1972
pgn-file of tournaments in Palma de Mallorca    Cb-file Palma de Mallorca
Information about Palma de Mallorca

Annual tournaments were played in Olot from 1966 until 1974
pgn-file of tournaments in Olot 
Information about Olot

The events of Palma de Mallorca were continued in Las Palmas from 1972 until '96.

pgn-file of Las Palmas   

Information about Las Palmas


The six best players of the world participated in Las Palmas 1996. Kasparov won: 

pgn-file of Las Palmas 1996 (30 games)    zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Las Palmas 1996


Top players participated in Dos Hermanas 1993-98

pgn-file of the event     zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Dos Hermanas


Beverwijk and Wijk aan Zee 1938 - 2015

pgn-file of Wijk aan Zee       zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Hoogovens, Corus and Tata Steel tournaments

  A Tal Memorial became Riga 1995. It has become a series since Moscow 2006.
pgn-file of the Tal Memorial   
Information about the Tal Memorial


World Championship 13, NBC-25, NPSF-50, World championship 15, Von Massow Memorial 1996, Peter Korning 1998, CAPA X, Millennium Tournament 2000, World champions Jubilee 2001, Elite Grandmasters Jubilee 2002 and World championship 18 (correspondence chess): 

pgn-file of tournaments              zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Correspondence Chess


Six players played double rounds in Sofia 2005 until 2009. Topalov won twice. 

pgn-file of tournaments    zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Sofia


Top players participated in Linares  from 1978 until 2010. All events have been analysed. 

pgn-file of all tournaments    zip-file of CBase-files

Information about Linares


Grand Slam Chess Finals were played in Bilbao.
pgn-file Grand Slam Chess      zip-CBfile Grand Slam Chess
Information about Grand Slam Chess

The Chinese Pearl Spring tournaments started in 2008.
pgn-file Pearl Spring
Information about Pearl Spring





My work on chess tournaments started in 2001. At that time I was still working on chess matches. Normally I plan my work precisely, but this did not happen with the selection of tournaments. The task was too immense probably. I started with a list of forty events. The work kept me busy until the end of 2002. 

A new idea came from a record by Glenn Giffen. He had rank ordered chess tournaments by the number of participating top ten players. His list has been extended to one hundred events. Another problem was the selection from series. This has been solved for Linares by the inclusion of all events. The result became a fine mix of outstanding and historical tournaments. There was no other site with annotated games from old events. So I had to develop a standard. When I started to analyse, all games of Moscow 1957 were investigated. The mental effort was immense, and the time-consuming computer work caused mouse arms. Thereafter game selections were made generally.

Previous analysis can be found in tournament books, journals and computer files. Arend Booij helps me in the literature search. Some games have never been analysed, but abundant information is available mostly. Then the real work begins, because the quality of the original data is often poor and later authors add little valuable information. All selected games are deeply analysed with the latest chess programs and a fast computer. Mostly one or two known comments survive the test on correctness and relevance. I often add a few notes. Despite this drastic method, other annotators have been treated respectfully, because their contributions are mentioned correctly and without sarcasm on errors. I have made fewer comments on tournaments than on matches, because the interest for historical tournament games is limited. If a reader wants to investigate an extra detail, a chess engine can be started. 

The method of short comments has been applied by Euwe many times. This routine looks simple but the application is difficult. When Spassky and I were cooperating, we favoured annotations as a string of brief reflections on critical positions. It makes the highlights of a chess event quickly accessible for the reader. 

Example of a correction: 

The shown position occurred in the famous game Spassky - Fischer, Santa Monica 1966. Boris played 28. Qd2?! 

When I was analysing, I saw the witty 28. Nh5! A computer test revealed the variation 28. .. Qf7 29. Qc3� Kh7 30. Qg3 Bc8 31. Rc1 and White has a strong attack. 

Thereafter I noticed the retort 28. .. Be4! Computer analysis disclosed the line 29. Nxf6 Bxc2 30. Nd7 Bxd1 31. Nxf8 and White has a fine endgame. 


Therefore, the computer research supported the search for better variations. 

I regard the combination of an internet page and file as an internet book. This oeuvre has been 'work in progress' for many years. More than 1,000,000 match and tournament books have been downloaded from 1999 until 2013. 


Other tournaments: Dutch championships (from 1851) 

                                  German chess congresses (from 1861)

                                  History of correspondence chess (from 1824)

                                  All Hastings tournaments (from 1895)

                                  IBM Amsterdam (1961-1981)

                                  Four gambit tournaments

                                  Leopold Trebitsch Memorial (1907 - 1938)

                                  Cloister tournaments (1966-1997)

Matches:                 Chess matches (from 1574)

Females:                 Women beat men



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